My everyday motto are Mark Twain's words: 
"Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life"

Monika, you’re a specialist in marketing and management. You’ve graduated from a reputable university. You’ve decided to use your knowledge to create a network of professional Spa salons. How did it happen?

M.W. I started my affair with the world of beauty as a teenager. Over the years, I cooperated as a photo model with well-known advertising agencies in Poland, Germany, Italy and Scandinavia. Posing for photos was, above all, tremendous fun – a chance to learn the backstage of fashion, luxury and beauty, as well as an opportunity for meeting the most beautiful models from Poland and all around the world. Today, I understand how valuable this experience was for me personally. Thanks to numerous travels, I could visit many magical places, see stunning landscapes, and – what’s most important to me – discover the extraordinary secret of true beauty: Spa.

Exactly, in recent years, Spa has been often mentioned in the context of beauty care. Could you explain how it should be understood? What is Spa?
M.W. Spa is the art of beauty celebration and life affirmation, which has a long history and rich tradition in many corners of the world. It’s a number of extraordinary rituals and cosmetic treatments thanks to which the beauty of a person – both inner and outer – flourishes. I discovered the magic of Spa mostly during my trips to Italy. Enjoying various treatments and thermal baths, I understood their positive effect on the beauty of the body and the state of mind. Spa became my passion. I dreamt of a luxurious, fully-professional Spa salon in Poland.

And you decided to found one?

M.W. I realized that it’s not only me who wishes to benefit from Spa treatments. I also wanted to help others discover charms of life, relax and regain strength after a day, or week, of hard work. I decided to combine passion with professional work and develop the art of Spa in Poland by founding a network of salons. I’m a perfectionist and so I wanted to provide my clients with high-quality services in my salons. I graduated from a school led by Mrs. Barbara Jaroszewska – an undisputed authority in cosmetology. For the last 15 years, I’ve been working on widening my experience and gaining knowledge about how professional cosmetics and treatments used in unison care for beauty exposing and emphasizing the inner beauty of each individual. Beauty Pearl and Spa salon is my pride, a pearl, a crown jewel in the network of salons I own.

M.W. In my feminine soul, there’s always been this weakness for pearls. Pearl is a symbol of innocence, purity. Its shine is slowly born in intimate seclusion of a shell. Clients come to a Spa salon to purify their bodies and minds. Their inner and outer beauty is reborn within these peaceful and poetic interiors. Pearls are evocative of luxury, highest quality. They are also objects of desire. That is the direction in which I would like my salons to develop. I hope that within five years, Beauty Pearl and Spa will be the most beautiful and the most luxurious Spa salon in Warsaw area.

I wish you all the best in realizing your plans. Is there anything else that fascinates you as much as Spa?

M.W. I am an active person. I like movement, dynamics. I do various sports — golf, skiing, sailing. I also collect old cars. I’m in love with life that can be incredible if one’s not afraid of dreaming and pursuing their goals in a determined manner.

Thank you for the interview.